November 28, 2020
career as a journalist

Career as a journalist- Education

As knowledge is power, so also it’s so powerful to have proper knowledge about Journalism. Journalism as a career is a very interesting career. So, on this site, I would be sharing what it takes to be a Journalist, who exactly a journalist is, and a lot more information about journalism.

Journalists collect and disseminate information to the public. Popular careers in this field include newspaper reporter, copywriter, editor, news anchor, columnist, or public relations agent. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

It is the role of the Journalism to spread information about every relevant happening in the world. Newspapers, radio, television, and more recently the new media-internet has completely revolutionized the way news used to broadcast. Journalists have a very significant role to play in this practice.

Journalism is one of the most challenging profession. It also is a very important profession that plays a great role in the economic growth of a country. This is because, all events and happenings in a country are being gathered and reported by Journalists.

What does it take to be a Journalist?

As we all know that it takes hard work and reading to become someone great in a career, so also, it takes hard work and intensive reading to become a major in Journalism.

So what does it take to be a Journalist?

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

One of the key ways in getting a sound career in Journalism is by earning a degree in Journalism regardless of the type of Journalism you want to major in. You should pick a major that will help you learn about that specific type of journalism. Well, majors to consider include English, communications and Journalism.

Develop your writing skills

It is so important to have a very good writing skills extensively across a broad range of subjects. It is quite important to develop that skill part of you in case you don’t have one. There are two great ways to do this: a). Start a blog to develop your voice as a writer.  b). Pitch and write articles on a freelance basis. All these ways are quite important as they will help in building your portfolio and also help you becoming professional.

Have connections with reporters and editors

It is quite important to have friends who are really good in this field. There’s this popular saying that says, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. It is quite true here. To have a career in journalism, it is important to have a good network. Have a strong professional networks. Once you connect with them, tell them a bit about your experience and professional goals. Ask them for any advice that can help you get started.

Have a Professional Experience.

It is quite important to have a solid experience. One of the ways to gain experience is by working as an intern. An internship will help you gain exposure to the field while also giving you a feel for what the day-to day life of a journalist entails. It helps to widen your experience in the field of journalism and also meet with great journalists in that same field.

Graduates of journalism programs might work for newspapers, websites, magazines, television stations, radio stations and other mass communication organizations.

Required EducationA bachelor’s degree in journalism
Median Annual Salary (May 2020)*$41,260 (for all Reporters and Correspondents)
Job Decline (2020-2028)*12% (for all Reporters and Correspondents)

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