March 3, 2021
How to become a dermatologist in Nigeria

How to become a dermatologist in Nigeria

To become a dermatologist in Nigeria, you must give intense medical treatment that reinstates health, prevent illness and help to bring back comfort to people suffering from skin diseases or other types of disorders

You are at the right place if you want to know the step involved in how to become a dermatologist in this article we will talk about the education qualification and salary earned.


Dermatology is the branch of medicine that has to do with the skin. It Is also known as the study of the skin. Dermatology is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the skin, hair, and nails.

Who is a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a specialist doctor who diagnosis and gives treatment to the disorder of the skin, nails, and hair. Dermatologist provides a wide scope of services ranging from skin cancer, genetic disorder, scars, hair loss, aging and tattoo removal.

To become a dermatologist is a good thing because of the demand for dermatologists increases due to the presence and arrival of people. And also due to the increase in the consciousness of the skin and its effect.

Dermatologist provides advice for the patient on the care for the skin. And also prepare a diet plan for the patient that has some skin disease due to lack of nutrients in their body. They diagnose infections and perform physical examinations on the skin to determine treatment.

Just like the medical doctor, the obligation of dermatologist varies.

Some field of dermatology includes;

Cosmetic dermatology: cosmetic dermatologist specialized in cosmetic surgery.

Immunodermatology: they specialized in the treatment of immune-mediated skin disorders such as pemphigoid, lupus and other skin diseases.

Dermatopathology: this is a dermatologist who is specialized in the pathology of the skin.

Mohs surgery: Dermatologists in this field focus on the treatment of skin cancer.

Pediatric dermatology: they are specialized in hereditary skin diseases or genodermatoses  and complex diseases of neonates

Trichology: in this sector, they focus on diseases associated with hair loss, scalp changes, and hair abnormalities hypertrichosis.

Steps to become a dermatologist in Nigeria

Obtain your bachelor’s degree.

To become a dermatologist the first step is to earn your bachelor’s degree. Enroll in a 4-years university or college to earn an undergraduate/bachelor degree usually a science degree Bsc.

Take the pre-med courses which include biology, chemistry, and physics. Have a solid background in your study grades.

Take the medical college admission test (MCAT).  

This test will determine your fate in going to medical school. You must meet the cut off mark in other to enter a medical school.

Attend medical school

After the bachelor’s degree, and perform well in the medical college admission test (MCAT). The aspiring dermatologist will attend a 4-year accredited medical school to further his/her career of becoming a dermatologist.

You need to be on high momentum and high performance throughout medical school because it is extremely competitive. Medical school.

Choose your specification

During your year in medical school, you will be opportune to choose your area of specialization. If you really want to become a dermatologist, after spending 2-3 years in medical school you should know the area of specialization you want to focus on.

Obtain a one-year internship

This is part of your residency. Here you will be out of school to put your skill into action elsewhere (in the hospital). During your internship, you will work in a hospital as a dermatologist. Thereafter start your three-year residency in dermatology.


After the completion of residency, many dermatologists choose to pursue further training in sub-specialized fields such as lase medicine, cosmetic surgery, or phototherapy.

Medical certificate or license

After successful completion of medical school and dermatology residency. Take and pass the dermatology board examination, then you are board-certified.

To maintain your certification you as a dermatologist you must re-take the board examination every decade and take CME (Continuing Medical Education) classes stay updated.

As you can see, becoming a dermatologist is a long pathway. A minimum of 12 years of study.

Salary of a dermatologist

This table shows the average salary of a dermatologist per year in different states across the world

NEW YORK $380,000
LAGOS $25,000
CANADA $230,000
MADRID $186,000
BEIJING $142,000
AMAZONAS $80,000

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