December 2, 2020

How to become a radiologist |damadek career

who is a radiologist?

At first, let’s know who a radiologist or a radiographer is? A Radiographer is more or less regarded as an imaging scientist. A radiographer is saddled with the responsibility of performing X-rays to view the internal organs and bones in the body. In time past, there has been a record of death and other problem of incurable diseases. This is because there have always been issues in checking the real problem.

Hence, during those times, so many disorders in humans and every other living thing, and in the same hands were left that way. In fact, in years back, there is a constraint to checking bone fractures, chest issues, and many other issues that have to do with an internal organ. Now, Radiology came on board to help solve these listed above problems. As small as some internal organs could be, and as delicate they could be, there have been problems of diagnosis of what the real issues are with the internal organ but with the invention of sophisticated machines and diagnosing tools, all of these issues have been made more comfortable.

To become a Radiologist is very tasking and demanding. There are some certain courses you need to offer both in High school (Secondary school) and Tertiary education, you need to offer. They are:

High school:
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology.

These courses are so efficient and very important, because, you need to have basic knowledge of the major science courses as Radiology itself is made of these courses.

Tertiary Education:
  • Radiography
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • And other medical courses.

So also, it is important to get a degree in Radiology. This can only be gotten in a Medical institution that actually offers Radiology as a course. This is because, especially in Nigeria, Radiology is a newly introduced medical course as there are few professionals in the course. Hence, making the profession a highly sort medical profession. The pay is actually nice. It may also interest you to know, graduates in this profession, especially those who came out as excellent students, both in grades and performance, have bigger opportunities, in terms of highly paid job offers which may include going abroad for jobs and further studies on scholarships are always granted. 

The joy if any profession is so worth the stress and every energy that has been deposited into obtaining a result in the said courses.

Some professions are being studied in Nigeria but the pay for such courses to another course is a peanut, so here is the salary structure of a Radiographer in Nigeria.

On monthly bases, the average salary of a radiographer is approximately #130,000; this was based on the wage being based on 17 different staffs during research to know the salary structure. And for most entry-level, the salary structure of a Radiographer is put at 128,000 Naira. But these always couple with some years of experience before such Radiographer could be adsorbed and being paid such amount of money.

Radiographer Salary in Nigeria
 No. Radiographer Salary
 1. Average Level 130,000

The function of a Radiologist

For every profession, there are standing orders and job descriptions, for every Radiographer you see in a set-up, they primarily responsible for getting different diagnostic images for any patient that is to be examined in a specified body section. Before they start the diagnosis the Radiographer must see to the great positioning of the body part that is to be considered. Also, he or she is to see to make use of only a specified amount of radiation that is necessary for such a body section to avoid further damages in the body system or such patient.

List of schools offering Radiography as a course in Nigeria.
  1. University of Lagos
  2. University of Nigeria
  3. Nnamdi Azikwe University.
  4. Covenant University etc.

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