November 28, 2020
investment banking analyst salary

Investment banking analyst salary

 A lot of us want to be a banker, not just a banker but an Investment banker. It is a very good choice of job, but truth be told, many people are drawn into investment banking for the money. That’s why investment banker salary and compensation reports are most sorts for. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered on this page here. But before we go deep into how much they earn, let’s check out who they are.

Who is an Investment Banking analyst?

Investment banking analysts help their clients develop and maintain effective investments that will meet their goals. One of their initial tasks is to assess the needs of the client. They clarify their goals and then research potential investment opportunities. If the client already has investments, they assess those investments to determine which ones are performing well and what investments they should consider replacing.

Investment banking analysts are typically hired straight out of college into a two-year program, which sometimes extends to the third year. The investment banker analyst salary is comprised of a base and a bonus.

Academic requirement:

The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Investment Banking; 
Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Accounting and two other science subject.

So now;

How much do they earn?

This table shows the salary of an investment banking analyst in four different countries.

Nigeriathey earn between N300, 000 and N600, 000 per month
Canadathey earn an average of C$60,402 per month
USthey earn close to $160,000 per year
Chinathey earn an average of =Y=355,568 yearly

There are four factors that determines the pay of an investment banker. They are;

  • Performance
  • The success of the group
  • The success of the firm
  • The type of firm

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