November 27, 2020
Job opportunities for library and information science profession

Job opportunities for library and information science profession

Graduates with a Library and Information Science Degree (BLIS) can pursue a variety of career paths relating to cataloging and classify, storing, retrieving, and disseminating recorded knowledge. Job opportunities for library profession includes traditional librarianship career tracks, as well as a variety of innovative career tracks in user experience, design, and information management in the public and private sectors.

Qualifications important to the field include the ability to work well with people, good written and oral communication skills, intelligence and curiosity, research and computer skills.

These are some job opportunities available for library and information science profession:

  • Head Librarian
  • Library Services Manager 
  • Business Librarian 
  • Head of Library Application Support
  • Data Management Services Librarian 
  • Science Reference Librarian 
  • Director of Development for Academic Library 
  • Science Reference Librarian 
  • Head of Access Services and Collections Maintenance 
  • Head of Instruction Services for College 
  • Digital Humanities Librarian 
  • Librarian of College Library 
  • The administrator of Library System 
  • Cataloger
  • Continuing Education Consultant for State Library 
  • Instructional Services Librarian 
  • Head of Technical Services and Systems for Public Library 
  • Instructional Resources Librarian 
  • Media specialist
  • Operations Manager for Library 
  • Archivist

Head Librarian: This profession is involved with the planning and development of all services in the library and maintenance of the collections housed within the library, as well as leading all library staff. The head librarian would report to the school or college administration.

Library Services Manager: Library service manager helps in leading staff and meeting service requirements for all library services on and off-site is the primary responsibility of a person in this position. He/she also needs to remain vigilant in meeting customer needs as well as anticipating and preparing for future upcoming needs.

Business Librarian: This profession deal with the specific needs of business students in their research and studies. Assist in developing expertise of students in the wide variety of information services available for use in their studies. 

Head of Library Application Support: This position works to create newer, more seamless systems that make for easier and more direct access to information by the college population. This involves the ability to access the total amount of information available in the physical library building as well as in the virtual universe accessible via a computer or electronic media.

Data Management Services Librarian: This position involves managing the life cycle of data that has been obtained through years of research, projects, and studies and generate systems to handle them. This covers the cataloging, storage, and easy retrieval of this essential data.

Science Reference Librarian: Within a college or university framework, this position would likely exist within the reference and research department of that college or university. They would assist the college students in their research needs and promote the services offered at the library to increase use and access.

Director of Development for Academic Library: This position requires the designing and implementation of all fundraising and activities involving existing donors for the library system. This senior administration official will handle all areas of gifts and stewardship that serve to support the library’s essential services.

Head of Access Services and Collections Maintenance: This professional needs to establish a collaborative team that works to provide a high level of customer satisfaction to the faculty and students of the college. The collect usage statistics and prepare reports on how these access services can be modified or improved to increase efficiency and use by the college personnel.

Head of Instruction Services for College: This person manages the overall functioning of the information support desks in the library and in the instruction and orientation offerings given by the college through the library. This also involves the creation and evolution of current services into future services to meet the needs of the faculty and students that not have been implemented or designed yet. 

Digital Humanities Librarian: This person will be responsible for overseeing the holdings and accessing all digital arts and humanities upon the request for the population of a college library. This person will be responsible for overseeing the holdings and accessing all digital arts and humanities upon the request for the population of a college library.

Librarian of College Library: For people in this role, their duties involve the management of the physical libraries, the digital scholarship related to library activities, and the information technology available to provide access to information needed by all faculty and students. They also create newer systems and efficiencies to provide services to an increasing number of people in an increasingly timely manner.

The administrator of the Library System: This position involves working directly with the board of directors to carry out all executive duties and policies. They work with all library staff and involve themselves in the daily operations of the library. All public relations are involved as well, in the designing of collaborations and creating programs that incorporate the public at large with library services offered.

Continuing Education Consultant for State Library: This state library position is involved in the statewide education system used for all public libraries. They would be required to plan and implement all programs of training and continuing education offerings for the state. This includes the selection of curriculum materials and designing the individual modules used to disseminate all relevant materials.

Instructional Services Librarian: Positions similar to this are involved in more of the services involved with instruction, such as the literacy programs offered by most libraries. All public relations are involved as well, in the designing of collaborations and creating programs that incorporate the public at large with library services offered.

Head of Technical Services and Systems for Public Library: This position deals with the automation systems and core technical operations within the library facility. Persons that qualify for this kind of position usually need to have a combination of both a master’s degree in library science as well as some experience working with the information systems within most library organizations.

Instructional Resources Librarian: This position involves the college’s materials for teachers, textbooks, as well as all other physical works. They are responsible for outreach activities as well as ongoing training and development of all staff and instructors within the college environment. They are involved in the collection and assessment of all holdings within the library. 

Cataloger: This profession involve cataloging of information materials in the library and also classifying them to different classes, it is automation systems and core technical operations within the library.

Operations Manager for Library: The routine functions that need to be performed regularly within a library environment are all overseen by this library professional. They are responsible for all routine analytical functions and for ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed effectively and efficiently. There is also coordination essential with other county departments in order to provide as much in the way of services to them as possible. 

Media specialist: This profession ensures that patrons have access to available materials in the library, updating collections to meet the needs of patrons or maintaining digital catalogs and online databases. A media specialist in a library setting, helps teachers integrate media and technology into their classes, also provide instruction in media literacy and technology.

Archivist: is a record keeper that ensures the long-term physical survival of library collections. This profession is responsible for the provision, care, and management of permanent collections of information that are intended to preserve the past and allow others to discover it.

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