March 4, 2021
salary negotiation

Salary negotiation tips – damadek career

This topic might seem weird or irrelevant, but as it is, it is so important. A lot of times, we ask ourselves if we should negotiate our salaries at all. Yes, we should! A lot of us would be asking how we can do that. So right here on this page, I would be sharing tips about how to negotiate salary.

When an employer gives an employee a job offer, they most of the times present the employee with a compensation and benefits package verbally or in writing that includes a proposed salary. Most people actually do not know or they choose to neglect it due to the circumstances in Nigeria (No Job Problem). Hence, if you feel the pay off proposed salary doesn’t align with your education, career level, skill set and experience, you may choose to negotiate for more money.

Whereas, if you also think the proposed salary is greater than your education, career level, skill set and experience, you may also choose to negotiate for lesser money.

Why should you negotiate?

Most of the times, we are overwhelmed with the joy that we newly got a job and we neglect the salary negotiation then, later, we might start regretting about the pay. However, managers or employers expect candidates to negotiate their salaries and annual so could increase your lifelong earning potential.

Here are few tips to prepare for salary negotiation.

1. Know your worth:

The first rule is that you should know your worth. You what your salary worth should be before even going for the interview. You can do this by doing an online search on sites such as Payscale or Glassdoor or ask others too in the field too.

2. Evaluate what you have to offer

This is the next step to do. First of all, ask yourself this question “what do I have to offer in terms of services?” You also, consider the following;

  • Geographic Location
  • Skills
  • Licenses and certification
  • Years of experience (industry and leadership).etc.
3. Don’t negotiate just to negotiate

Make sure you have solid points before negotiating. Resist the urge to prove that you are a great negotiator because the job ain’t given to you yet. Make sure you negotiate in a very humble way.

4. Do know when to wrap up.

It is very important to know when to start and more important to know when to stop. This is because considering an organization that has many other applicants who are also applying for the same job, you need to be wise to know when to stop the negotiation.

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