March 3, 2021
Zoology as a career in Nigeria - damadek career

Zoology as a career in Nigeria – damadek career

Before I start to talk about Zoology career in Nigeria, you have to understand wat Zoology means. Zoology, also known as animal biology is the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems.

The term Zoology was coined from two Greek words namely, ion which means “animal” and logos which means “knowledge, study”.

As we all know, biology is a very broad career and under it, we have plant and animal biology. But for the focus of this topic “Zoology”, we’ll be enlightening our eyes to who exactly is a zoologist, their place of work, duties and other basic information needed about them.

Who is a zoologist?

A zoologist is someone that studies zoology. He/she studies the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals and how they interact with the ecosystems.

A zoologist must have the following skills. They are;

  1. Critical thinking skills: A zoologist must be a critical thinker. Critical thinking means the ability to express adverse or in-depth judgement made from very keen observation. Animals are similar to man. Man can speak and express ourselves in fullness. But these animals can speak but they give signs and all. Hence a good zoologist must be able to denote what and what is the need of animal at every point in time.
  2. Interpersonal skills: A zoologist must be able to build a relationship or must be able to understand and interact with animals.
  3. Observation skills: Ability to observe keenly the whole performance and behaviour of animals.
  4. Scientific skills: To understand, interpret and manipulate complex scientific, data and statistics.
  5. data-handling skills – to record, collate and analyse data using appropriate techniques and equipment
  6. Communication skills: Ability to communicate with animals.
  7. Problem-solving skills: They must have a logical approach to problem-solving.
  8. Emotional stamina and stability skills: Ability to stabilize these animals emotionally. Ability to connect with these animals emotionally.

A zoologist need to have keen interest in research. They must be able to perform precise work and also work independently or as a part of a team.

Duties of a zoologist

  1. They must ensure animal welfare through various initiatives that they have studied.
  2.  Promote conservation efforts
  3. They collect and analyze data and specimens.
  4. They must be able to study the characteristics and behaviors of animals. Etc.

Admission Requirements for the study of Zoology in Nigeria

The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Zoology; 
Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology and two other science subject.

In UTME, English Language is Compulsory for this course. Therefore, the three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination needed to study Zoology under the Faculty of Sciences in the University include;
Biology and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

How much will you earn when you choose Zoology career in Nigeria?

The minimum pay they can have is 100,000 naira and above in Nigeria based on their ranks and offices.

In some other part of the world like the United States of America they earn and in canada and china they earn respectively.

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